2019 Comedy Dynamics Maria Bamford Comedy Special Dir: Rob Cohen

2019 Amy Poehler Presents: Natalie Palamides as NATE Comedy Special Dir: Phil Burgers

2019 Things of Beauty Burn (short) Dir: Skinner Myers

2018 Ride Share (feature film) Dir: Christine Conradt

2018 Sunscreen Film Festival West, Official Photographer

2018   Comedy Dynamics Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly (TV Special) Dir: Gil Cunha, Brian Volk-Weiss

2018 Labor (short) Dir: Cecilia Albertini

2017 Sunscreen Film Festival West, Official Photographer

2017   Comedy Dynamics Cominng to the Stage, Seasons 6 and 7, Dir: Samuel Brownfield, New Wave Entertainment

2017   Comedy Dynamics Brody Stevens Comedy Special Dir: Samuel Brownfield

2017   Comedy Dynamics Brent Weinbach Comedy Special Dir: Jay Chapman

2016   Kiss Kiss (feature film) Dir: Dallas King

2016 Sunscreen Film Festival West, Official Photographer

2016   Comedy Dynamics Coming to the Stage, Seasons 4 and 5 Dir: Samuel Brownfield, New Wave Entertainment

2016   In My Mother's Arms (short) Dir: Lia Chapman

2016   We Are Sarah Jones PSA Dir: Gene M Smith

2015   Sunscreen Film Festival-West, Official Photographer

2015   The Maid (feature film) Dir: Darin Scott

2015 City of Gold (feature documentary) Dir: Laura Gabbert

2014   Sunscreen Film Festival West, Official Photographer

2014   The Petal Pushers (feature film) Dir: Bob Torrance

2014   U.Z.L.A. (feature film) Dir: Dallas King

2014   Almost Royal BBC America Youtube Campaign Dir: Jack Ferry

2014   People of Peace (feature documentary) Dir/Producer: Michal Meulenberg

2014   Slates for Sarah PSA Dir: Gene M. Smith & Jennifer Lewis Brooks

2014   Dementia (feature film) Dir: Mike Testin

2014   Schrodinger's Cat (short) Dir: Grace Chow

2013   JFH: Justice For Hire (proof of concept) Dir: Jan Lucanus

2013   Sunscreen Film Festival West, Official Photographer

2013   Meah Lane (documentary short) Dir: Jonathan Pascual

2013   Long Way Home (web series) Dir: Mans Nilsson

2013   Beyond Paradise (feature Film) Dir: JJ Alani

2013   Lifeline (short) Dir: Tea'a Taylor

2013   The STILL Project (feature documentary) Dir: Jonathan Pascual, Preproduction/Production

2013   The Deadly Dough Racket (short) Dir: Ian Conover
2013   Cash for Gold (short) Dir: Robert Enriquez
2012   Planting PEACE in London (short documentary) Director/Camera/Sound/Editor

2012   Whose Afraid of a Wolf? (short documentary) Director/Editor

2011    Sunnyland Pictures Intern in Production and Post-production on various web-based commercials 

2011    End Land Grabbing, Rwanda film project, Saddleback Church, Justice & Trafficking Initiative

2010    I Love You Like Crazy (short) Dir: Tess Sweet
2010    The Three Miracles of Jasmine (short documentary)  Director/Camera/Editor
2010    The Pullover (short) Dir: Camilo Salazar Prince

2010     My Education (short) Dir: Iris Helfer
2010     The Yellow Ribbon (short) Dir: Carlos Marques Marcet

2009    Emmanuel Kiwalabye Ensereko: The Story of One (documentary short) Director/Camera/Editor

2009    El Bolerito (The Shoe Shiner) (short) Dir: Julio O. Ramos

2009    ARAX (short) Dir: Camilo Salazar Prince

2009    Ship in a Bottle (short) Dir: Susanna Casares

2009    Zoe and Paul (short) Dir: Richard Parkin

2009    I’ll Be Alone (short) Dir: Carlos Marques Marcet