We Are Sarah Jones PSA 2016

It's been two years since we lost Camera Assistant Sarah Jones and the fight for film set safety is still at the forefront for her parents Richard & Elizabeth Jones as well many others in the film industry. Along with keeping their daughter's memory alive and making sure this tragedy never happens to someone else's child, the Jones are embarking on making a feature documentary with director Eric Smith. I had the honor and privilege to once again shoot the stills for a new PSA for film set safety this past February and meet with Sarah's parents. We need to remember that at the end of the day we are making entertainment and it is never as precious as someone's life. All of us crew, actors and ATB and BTL people are #SarahJones.  Please join the movement #WeAreSarahJones http://www.wearesarahjones.com/




Haskell Wexler

**NOT my image** Photographer unknown, taken from this site: http://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/08/medea-benjamin-haskell-wexler/

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A Voice Louder Than Rock & Roll

Here is a teaser trailer for a documentary I am helping out on on about musician Caleb Quaye. An extremely gifted guitarist, Caleb has worked with many famous music icons such as Elton John, Eric Clapton and Pete Townsend.

#PushBack & #SayItOutLoud The Still Project Summer 2013 Campaign

August 1st, 2013 has begun the phase II Indie Gogo campaign to raise funds to complete The Still Project feature documentary. I cannot express how proud I am to be a team member of this film. Even though I have never dealt personally with infant loss, since being a part of this film I have met and talked to so many people in my circle that have had it happen or know someone who has. Please consider joining in the campaign with a pledge, no matter how small to help us complete this much needed film!

Cash For Gold (2013) Trailer

A powerful short tale in English & Farsi but meant for all of us. I had the pleasure of taking the stills for this wonderfully moving short film.

Return To Zero/Become a local leader

So its been an emotional but rewarding ride so far working on the STILL project documentary. What's even better is having a "sister" narrative film support this doc. SO in every way STILL is supporting RTZ as well. Their film is locked and ready for festival submissions. Here is a look at their film and also their campaign to get the film in as many theaters around the world!

Cash for Gold

Here is a link to the wonderful short film I was privileged to be a part of and take still photos on starring Deborah Puette and Navid Neghaban. You can see many of the photos I took that day and learn about the moving story. I'll post a link to the trailer as soon as its released. In the mean time check out their Facebook page as well and "Like" it!

The STILL Project

It's amazing to me how in this day and age there are still some subjects that are taboo. I am fortunate to be a small part of this feature documentary team. The trailer of what they have filmed so far is harrowing and poignant. Check it out and view the film's official website. http://stillproject.org/

Planting PEACE in London (2012) -Trailer

This is the story of a Mega-church from Orange County, California who have decided to plant a church in London as part of a 12 city global initiative plan.